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Requesting a Goldmoney Mastercard

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016 04:44PM EDT
Once you have upgraded to a Personal Verified Account and have a minimum settled vault balance of 0.2 GAU (gold grams), you can request your first card. Your first Goldmoney Prepaid Mastercard is free. Additional cards in other currencies are 0.2 GAU each. Please note that you can only have one card for each currency. The Goldmoney Mastercard is currently available in USD, GBP, EUR, and CHF. More currencies will be made available in the future!
We will send you a notification email once your Goldmoney Mastercard request has been approved, or a rejection message noting the reason for the rejection. Consult the following guidelines for expected delivery to your region:
North America: 10-15 business days
Europe: 10-15 business days
Oceania: 20-30 business days
South America: 20-30 business days
Africa: 20-30 business days
Asia: 20-30 business days
The cards are sent by standard mail by default, and the above delivery estimations are based on delivery times as reported by users. We have made a courier option available for users whose local postal service may not be reliable to ensure delivery security. The courier option incurs a fee of 0.25 GAU. Please note that the courier option may not necessarily be faster, and should only be used if you have doubts about the card arriving successfully through standard mail. Some countries with extremely unreliable postal systems must have their card couriered. Card re-issue will incur a fee of 0.2 GAU in the event of a delivery failure, so make sure to confirm your address is correct and consider the courier option if necessary. You must wait until the delivery period associated to your region has passed before you will be able to have the card re-issued.
To request your Goldmoney Mastercard, log into your Goldmoney Personal or Business account and select the “Prepaid Cards” icon at the top of your Dashboard.  

Select your desired Prepaid Card currency and click 'Request Card'. Please note that you must have a Personal Verified Account and 0.2 grams of settled gold in your account in order to request a Prepaid Card.

Your Goldmoney Mastercard will be sent to the address you entered upon sign-up. Confirm that this address is correct, or exit the card request and email our Customer Success team if your address is out of date. If your local postal service is unreliable, consider selecting the courier option to ensure delivery security. As noted, this option is intended to provide delivery security, not faster delivery.

If this is not your first card, a 0.2 GAU card request fee will be noted in this summary as well.  Make sure to select the vault from which you would prefer this fee to be deducted. Select "Request Card" once you are sure that all displayed details are entered correctly. 

Your card request will display as 'Pending' until it is approved. 

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