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Adding a product to your Item Library is easy, and makes it simple to invoice your customers for your goods or services.

To add a new product to your Item Library, log into your Goldmoney Business Platform and click on the Overview icon.


Select the "Item Library" icon.



Click on the "Add New Item" button.




Submit your Item Information. Give your item a name, an SKU (for your internal purposes), a category, and description. You can create a new category simply by entering it in the Category field, this will save as a category for any future items you wish to add to the category. Use the toggle switch to indicate whether the Item is a physical or digital product. You can also select the Image icon on the left to upload a JPG or PNG (max 2 MB) of your item.




Click on the "Save Item" button in the top right of your screen to finish adding your item!




To add another item, repeat the same process. If you wish to delete or edit an item, simply select it from your Item Library. If you are editing, make any changes you need and then select the "Save Item" button. To delete, click on the "Delete" button in the upper right corner. 



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