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Business account users can now automate recurring payments effortlessly from their Dashboard. Payroll, dividends, rebates, reward payments, partner & affiliate payouts, and so much more. Simply set the amount, currency, and appropriate payout schedule. Whether you are sending payments to the vendor down the street or an employee on the other side of the globe, you never have to worry about missing a payment, delays, or cross border fees ever again. 

Please note that if you are adding a US user to your Payout, they must be eligible to receive gold transfers. Click here to learn more about US gold transfer eligibility. 

To set up your first Payout, select the menu icon at the top of your Dashboard.




Click the Payouts icon from the navigation bar.




Select the Create New Payout button. 




Enter the details of your payout. Name your Payout list with a label, identify the currency of the Payout, indicate if this is a one-time or recurring Payout (you will be asked to schedule the Payout if it is the latter), choose the date on which you would like your Payout to occur, and select the vault that the funds you are sending will be drawn from.




You can add recipients to your Payout manually by clicking the "+" button in the top right corner, or by selecting Upload CSV. 




If you choose to upload a CSV for your payout recipients, you can download a sample CSV at the end of this help article. 

If you choose to add a recipient manually, simply enter their full name or company name, the amount you wish to send to them, their tax ID (if you know it), and the email address associated with their Goldmoney Personal & Business account or their mobile phone number. 



Once you have entered all of the necessary information, select Save Payout in the top right corner. Your Payout will be sent out on your scheduled date and you will receive a confirmation message once it is sent. If any of the payments are unsuccessful (due to insufficient funds, for example), you will be notified in this message.



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