Goldmoney Prepaid Card limits & fees

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Goldmoney Prepaid Card Limits

Please note that cards are configured at the Tier 2 level - Tier 1 limit levels only relate to our legacy card products for cardholders that have not submitted an updated proof of address document.





Goldmoney Prepaid Card Fees


If you wish to increase the limits on your Goldmoney Prepaid card beyond Tier 2 limits you will need to go through further levels of KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance procedures. Please contact our Support Team to get started - you will need to provide a certified copy of documentation validating or proving source of funds (i.e. Income statement, tax receipt, inheritance proof form, bank statement, etc.), and will only be eligible for an increase if your demonstrated use of the card indicates that an increase is necessary. Increases are granted at the discretion of Goldmoney on a case-by-case basis.

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