Loading Your Goldmoney Prepaid Card

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Loading your Goldmoney Prepaid Card is quick and easy! Simply login to your Goldmoney Personal or Business account and click 'Redeem,' or click on the Load Card icon next to your card on your Dashboard.

If you selected 'Redeem,' you will be asked to select your redemption medium. Select 'Prepaid Card' and click Next.

The standard load type will be selected for you (click here if you are interested in learning about Auto Loads) by default. Select the card you would like to load and the vault that you wish to load from. Enter the amount you wish to load onto your Goldmoney Prepaid card and click the yellow arrow to initiate the redemption. 

Your load transaction will be added to your Recent Activity on your Dashboard, and once the funds have been loaded to your card it will display a status of 'Confirmed'!

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