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You can set up an automatic card load to top up your Goldmoney Prepaid Card balance when it reaches a certain level! If your balance dips below your specific level, your card will automatically be loaded with the pre-set amount from your designated vault. Loads will occur no more than once per day and cannot exceed the daily limit of 5000 units of your card currency (ex. $5000, €5000). The automatic load will occur once each day until the minimum balance threshold you have indicated has been reached.

To set up an automatic load, you can either click on the 'Create Auto Load Plan' button next to your card on your dashboard, or you can select the Prepaid Card button at the top of your dashboard.

You can select 'Set Up Auto Load For Your Cards' from the menu on the right or select the 'Create Auto Load Plan' icon next to your card. 

The 'Auto Load' button will be preselected for you, and you will be asked to select the card that you wish to automatically load and the vault from which to load it. Indicate how much you would like to load to the card automatically, and the card balance amount at which you would like the the load to occur.

That's it! Your Load Plan will be confirmed and the icon on your dashboard will change to yellow to indicate that you have an active Load Plan. To remove an existing Automatic Card Load Plan, select 'More' and then 'Recurring Transfers.'

You will see your Load Plan displayed. Select the red 'X' next to it to remove it. 
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