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We've made it easy to organize your Customer List on your Goldmoney Business Platform! You can either manually add your customers, or you can import a CSV of your existing customer list onto the platform.

If you wish to manually add a customer log into your Goldmoney Business Platform and click on the Overview icon.




Select the More icon in the top corner of your Dashboard and select 'Customers' from the drop-down menu.




Click on the "Add New Customer" button.



Complete the Customer Information fields.




Once you have completed your Customer profile, select the "Save Customer" button at the top right of the page.



To edit or remove a customer, select the customer from your customer list. If you are editing the Customer profile, make your changes and click on the "Save Customer" button. If you would like to delete the Customer, select the "Delete" button.




If you would like to import a CSV of existing customers, make sure that you have formatted your columns in the CSV in the following manner:




If you do not have customer information for a certain field, simply leave that cell blank and no information will populate in that field on the customer's profile. A sample CSV can be downloaded at the end of this article if you wish to use a template.

Once your CSV is ready, you can click on the Import/Export document icon on the Customers page next to "Add New Customer" and select "Import CSV" to upload your Customer List. 



You can also export your customer list as a CSV at any time by selecting the Import/Export document icon on the Customers page.

Please note that the below Customer List CSV sample also includes an ID category in the M column. A customer's ID is generated once they are added to the Goldmoney Business platform, so you are not required to include that information. If you export your customer list, the ID column will contain each customer's unique ID.


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