Sending an Invoice

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Goldmoney Invoices allow you to invoice customers or vendors around the world for your goods or services in any currency you like for a low 1% processing fee! Before you create an invoice, make sure you have added all of the items or services you sell to your Item Library and have added the person you are invoicing to your Customer List!

You may only invoice customers who reside in a region where gold transfers are available. US users must upgrade to a Personal Verified Platform to be able to receive invoices. Click here for a complete list of states where transfers are available. 

To get started with sending an invoice, click on the menu icon.




Select the Invoices icon from the Navigation Panel.




Click on the "Create New Invoice" button in the top right of your Invoices page.




On the right side of the screen, enter a name or ID for the invoice, select the customer you will be invoicing from your customer list, the due date for payment, the applicable tax and shipping rates for the invoice (click here to learn how to add additional tax and shipping rates for various regions), and an optional brief message. If you haven't yet added the person you are invoicing as a customer, you can enter their email address under "Customer" and a partial customer record will be created.



On the left side of the screen, select the items your customer has ordered and indicate the quantity of each item that they have ordered. 



The total payable amount will be displayed both in your default currency and in gold grams (GAU). 



Once you are done submitting your information, click "Send Invoice." If you want to save your information but you aren't quite done filling out the invoice, you can click "Save As Draft" to complete later. 






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