How much gold can I store in my Goldmoney Personal or Business Account?

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Goldmoney Personal & Business accounts allow users to hold a gold balance of up to 1000 GAU (gold grams) in our secure vaults around the world for free. Users will receive an email notification if their account balance is nearing the limit.


Users with existing vault balances of over 1000 grams will be subject to a storage fee of 0.18% per annum for any gold amount exceeding the 1000 gram limit. This fee will be charged monthly and will be deducted from your gold balance on the first day of each month to reflect the storage fees for the preceding month. This monthly fee will be charged beginning February 1, 2017, and will apply to the average gold balance over 1000 GAU held in your Goldmoney Personal or Business account during the preceding month. Users will not be able to make further deposits into their account if their balance exceeds the 1000 GAU limit. Don't worry, this is just the beginning of your precious metals journey as you can now graduate to the next level of savings with Goldmoney Holdings!


Going forward, we kindly invite our Goldmoney Personal and Business users with larger storage needs to apply for a Goldmoney Holding. A Holding gives you access to a dedicated Personal Relationship Manager, more precious metals to diversify your portfolio, Goldmoney Mastercards, and access to our world-class research team! 


Please note that if you receive a gold transfer from another user that causes your balance to exceed the limit, the monthly fee will apply on any amount over 1000 GAU. We will notify you if you receive a gold transfer that causes you to exceed your limit.


Sign up for a Goldmoney Holding at If you already have a Goldmoney Holding, you can click here to learn how to make a free transfer of gold from your Goldmoney Personal or Business account to your Holding. 

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