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You can add a bank account to your Goldmoney Personal & Business Platform for easy deposit and redemption! Transactions can be initiated anytime, anywhere via the Goldmoney Personal & Business platform or mobile app. To add a bank account, you must first upgrade to a Personal Verified Platform! Once you have upgraded, simply choose the bank type (Canadian, US, EU, or Other) and submit the required information to be able to complete quick, secure transfers! For a step-by-step guide to add your bank account, click on the type of account you wish to add below!

Add a Canadian Bank Account for direct EFT bank transfers

Add an EU/US/Other Bank Account for bank wire transfers

Can I set up multiple bank accounts?
Yes, many Goldmoney Personal & Business users choose to connect more than one bank account, such as a secondary currency account. The accounts must be personal accounts under your name. As long as you have the proper, verified account information you are free to link personal bank accounts as you wish.

What is the difference between direct bank transfers (EFT) and bank wire transfers?
Direct bank transfers require you to consent to Goldmoney Personal & Business linking to your account, and allow you to perform deposits or redemptions from the comfort of your home, or on the go with your Goldmoney Personal & Business app. Direct transfers typically have lower costs and faster transfer times. Bank wire transfers must be initiated with your bank for deposit by providing them with the required wiring instructions to send funds to Goldmoney Personal & Business. 

What fees are associated with bank transfers?
The fee associated with a bank transfer is the standard 0.5% Goldmoney Personal & Business transaction fee, plus a 0.5 GAU flat fee for redemption via bank wire transfer. Please check with your financial institution for any applicable bank fees.

Can I still send or receive a traditional bank wire?
Yes! Simply select "Other" as you bank account type when adding your account information and list your account's wiring instructions. Our wiring instructions for deposits will be provided to you once you select "Deposit," "Bank Transfer," and submit the required information. 

How long do EFT bank transfers typically take? 
EFT transfers typically take 1-3 business days to move funds from your bank account to your Goldmoney Personal & Businessaccount, and the same period of time for redemptions to your Bank Account.

How long does a Bank Wire take?
Some banks may process Bank Wires within 2-3 business days with international wires taking up to 5 business days. 

Is my price locked in with a Bank Wire deposit?
No, your price per gram is not locked in upon initiation of a Bank Wire deposit, it is determined at the time the wire is received.

Is my price locked in with an EFT bank transfer deposit?
Yes! Your price per gram is locked in at initiation of an EFT deposit.
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