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* Please note that this feature is not available to residents of Quebec *
You can add a Canadian bank account to your Goldmoney Personal & Business Platform for easy deposit and redemption! The fee associated with a direct bank transfer is the standard 0.5% Goldmoney transaction fee. Please check with your financial institution for any applicable bank fees. When you initiate a deposit or redemption with your Canadian bank account, funds are sent directly via Electronic Funds Transfer.

Before you can add a bank account, you will need to upgrade to a Personal Verified Platform! If you have already upgraded, you can proceed with your bank account linking.

To add a Canadian Bank account, log into your Goldmoney Personal or Business Platform and select "Bank Account" from the "More" menu.

Select "Canadian Bank Account" and then click the yellow "Next Step" button.

Select your financial institution. If you select "Other Bank," you will also need to include your financial institution's 3-digit Institution Number. 

Enter your Account Number (5-12 digits depending on your bank), the Account Currency, your branch's 5-digit Transit Number, and a Label or Nickname for the bank account.

If you are not sure how to find this information, you can find this helpful guide on the right side of your screen. We also provide the helpline for your selected bank (where applicable) under this link if you need additional help obtaining this information from your bank.


Next, you will be prompted to read and agree to the Payor's Authorization for Pre-Authorized Debits (PADS). Select "Authorize" to confirm you consent to the agreement.

You will see your bank account listed on your Bank Accounts page with a "Pending Micro Deposit" status. A small deposit will be made to your linked bank account within 2 business days. Once received, select your account and enter the amount deposited to verify your account.

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