Using the PayPal Vault

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Goldmoney Personal and Business users in the UK, Eurozone, Canada, and the USA can utilize their PayPal accounts to make gold deposits and redemptions. Any deposits made from your PayPal account are stored in our exclusive PayPal Vault in London. The PayPal Vault is a secure Brink's vault that only PayPal users have access to. When you wish to redeem from the PayPal Vault, you may either redeem back to your PayPal account or redeem physical metal to your home address.

Gold stored in the PayPal Vault cannot be sent to other users, transferred to other vaults, redeemed to your Goldmoney Mastercard, or redeemed directly to your bank account. The PayPal Vault allows PayPal users to have an exclusive storage option to build their gold savings. 

To get started with using the PayPal Vault, click here to learn how to make your first PayPal deposit! 

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