Linking Your PayPal Account

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Goldmoney Personal and Business users in the UK, Eurozone, Canada, and the USA can link their PayPal account for deposits and redemptions. Your PayPal account is linked during your first PayPal deposit. Click here to learn how to make your first PayPal deposit! 

During the deposit process, you will be given the option to save your login information or require a log in every time you make a deposit for authentication. We recommend saving your information for even faster deposits, as well as enabling recurring deposits. You will not be able to set up a recurring deposit if you have not selected the option to save your information. 

Once you have indicated your authentication preferences and the amount you wish to deposit into the PayPay Vault, a pop up window will allow you to log into your PayPal account to authenticate your purchase. Make sure you have popups enabled on Goldmoney to ensure that this window will appear. If you selected to have your information saved, you will be asked to review and agree to a linking agreement after logging into your PayPal account. If you did not, you will be asked to approve the deposit.

Once you have a balance in your PayPal Vault, you may send it back to PayPal or take delivery of physical metal to your home address. You can click here to learn more about PayPal Vault functionality. 

You may only have one PayPal account linked to your Goldmoney Platfrom at a time. The first account that you use to make a deposit will be stored as your default account until you opt to change it. If you wish to change the PayPal account linked to your Goldmoney Platform, please click here.
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