Set Recurring Gold Deposits

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You can now set up a recurring deposit to automatically purchase gold at set increments of time. Recurring deposits can be made using your credit card, linked EFT bank account, or linked PayPal account in select regions. 

Note: You can review or cancel a Recurring Deposit at any time by clicking on “Recurring Transfers” under your Settings.
Please Note: For U.S. banks we only accept wires in and out.

Set Up Your Recurring Credit Card Deposit

Once you are logged into your Goldmoney Personal & Business Platform, select the Menu icon.


Select 'Deposit' from the menu.

You will be asked to choose if you would like to make a One Time or Recurring payment. Choose Recurring.

Select the amount that you would like to deposit on each scheduled date, the method you would like to deposit from. 

Your price per gram will be locked in for 5 minutes, as indicated by the timer on your screen. This price per gram does not apply for future deposits.

Indicate your preferred recurring schedule.

Specify the source of your deposit by selecting a bank account or entering your card information. 


Click “Process Deposit” to complete your transaction. You have now your set up your recurring deposit! Please note that quoted gold price applies only for your first deposit in the schedule if set to begin on the present date. 

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