Buy Gold with Bank Wire Transfer

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Please note that you are no longer able to add new funds to your Goldmoney Personal or Business accounts.
Users can make deposits to their Goldmoney Platforms from anywhere in the world with Bank Wire Transfer deposits! 
Method Supported Currencies Processing Times Additional Fees Notes
Bank Wire Transfer CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CHF 1-3 business days for domestic wire transfers. Up to 5 business days for international wire transfers. Your bank may charge a service fee. Intermediary banks may also deduct fees from the amount. Intermediary banks may convert currencies unless instructed otherwise, in the additional details field please consider specifying "do not convert.” Price per gram is locked in at the time we receive the wire transfer, not at the time it is sent.

Once you have added a bank account for sending and receiving wire transfers, you can click the Deposit icon at the top of your Dashboard to get started.

Choose "One Time" from the deposit options.

Select "Bank Wire" from the list of deposit options.


Choose which vault you would like your gold to be stored.


Please indicate the amount of your deposit. Note that the currency is linked to the currency you selected when adding your Bank Account. Click "Manage Bank Accounts" if you wish to add another account (you will be taken to your Bank Accounts Page). A quote will be provided based on the spot price, including the deposit fees at the time.

Select the bank account from which you will be sending the Bank Wire Transfer from the Linked Bank Accounts displayed. Your Wire Transfer accounts will be listed under "Other Bank Accounts" for you to select. Click on the grey bubble to the right of the account number you wish to use. 

You will be provided with the wiring instructions that you will need to give to your bank to initiate the transfer from your Bank Account. You can print, download, or email the instructions. Once you have saved the instructions, click 'Process'. 

Your deposit will remain pending until the funds have been received. Please note that your price is not locked in for Bank Wire Transfer deposits. The transaction item created after you select "Process" is not an indicator of a locked in per gram price. 
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