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The Goldmoney Personal & Business Platform uses military grade encryption (RSA 4096 and AES 256) to secure your account and personal information. Goldmoney Personal & Business also maintains bank-grade Know Your Customer ("KYC") and Anti-Money-Laundering ("AML") policies. Ongoing compliance and surveillance of suspicious activity is reported to relevant regulatory agencies. We implement these policies not to preclude anyone from the service, but to strengthen the integrity of our company for all stakeholders. We believe there is a legal opportunity to empower people with access to gold within existing laws and regulations.

Multiple unsuccessful attempts to log into your account will result in a temporary account lock to protect your account from being accessed by anyone other than yourself. If we detect that someone other than yourself is attempting to access your account, we will notify you. We advise that you never share your password as doing so may compromise your account. Goldmoney employees will never ask you for your password. Strong passwords are at least 8 characters long with a mixture of capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. 

As a publicly traded company, our quarterly audits are conducted by KPMG (one of the largest auditing firms in the world). You can click here to view our public regulatory filings. It's part of our mission to ensure all Goldmoney users feel empowered, not only by gold, and what it has to offer, but by information as well. We want you to sleep soundly, knowing that your gold is secure.
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