General Deposit FAQs

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We provide multiple deposit options for our users around the world to purchase gold! Available options may vary by region. Users are able to choose the option most convenient to them and decide which Brinks or Royal Canadian Mint vault they would like to have their gold purchase stored in. The Goldmoney fee for deposits is as low as 0.5%, and storage is free up to 1000 grams!

You can find more information about each of our deposit options including processing times, associated fees, and helpful step-by-step guides by selecting them from the list below!

Bank Wire Transfer (Available Internationally)
EFT Bank Transfer (Canadian Bank Accounts)
Credit/Debit Card (Available Internationally)
PayPal (European, Canadian, and American Residents Only)
Cryptocurrency (Available Internationally)
Interac (Canadian Bank Accounts)
China UnionPay (eligible CUP cardholders)

How does the gold pricing work?
You can learn more about Aurum and the live pricing tool here!
Does it matter which vault I deposit into?
The vault that you choose to deposit into is a matter of personal preference. Some like to keep their gold in the vault closest to where they live, while others have no preference. Having multiple vaults to choose from gives you the ability to segregate your savings, as you can nickname your vaults by clicking on their names! You can call them “Mike’s College Fund,” “Retirement,” “New Car,” or whatever your savings goals might be! Please note that prepaid card loads cannot be made from the Dubai vault.
Can I redeem using the same method that I use to deposit?
Some payment types allow for both deposit and redemption, while others are only deposit tools at this time. Please see the information page for your deposit type to see if you can use it to redeem!
Can I have my deposit refunded?
All deposit instructions are taken as final and are not refundable. You are very clearly asked to verify your deposit details before the purchase is processed. If a technical issue occurs during deposit, please contact our Support Team.
Is my price locked in when I purchase?
For most deposit types, your per gram price is locked during the deposit process, with the exception of bank wire transfers. Please see the information page for your deposit type.

What is the minimum deposit amount I can make?

The minimum deposit amount is the equivalent of 0.25 grams.
Is my deposit secure? 
Yes, Goldmoney utilizes military grade encryption to secure your account and personal information. We have partnered with industry leading payment providers to ensure that all deposit and redemption options are secure and protect your private details.
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