Redeeming gold to a Goldmoney Holding

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Please be advised that this service is unavailable to residents of the Canadian Province of Quebec.

Goldmoney Personal and Business users can easily redeem gold to their existing Goldmoney Holding. This allows you to move your gold balance if you are nearing the 1000 GAU (gold gram) limit on your Personal or Business account. You may link either your Personal or Business account to your Goldmoney Holding. Please note that only one account may be linked to your Holding.

An eligible Goldmoney Holding must be:

  • Verified
  • The name on your Holding must match the name on your Goldmoney Personal/Business account.

If you have not yet registered for a Goldmoney Holding, please see our migration instructions here that provides more information on how to setup your Holding to accept gold from your Personal account.

If you have already linked your Holding and wish to unlink it, please contact support.

To link your account and perform your first transfer, log in your to Goldmoney Personal or Business account and select the 'Redeem' icon in the main menu:


Select 'To Holding' and click 'Next':


You will be prompted to enter your Holding Number and Password for your Goldmoney Holding. If you have forgotten this information, select the 'Forgot your Holding Details?' option. Enter your Holding login information and click 'Login to Holding' to proceed with the account link:


Indicate the amount of gold (either by GAU or currency value) you wish to transfer to your Wealth Holding. If you wish to transfer your full balance, select the toggle switch next to this option. Indicate the source or origin of the funds you are transferring (the means through which you acquired these funds, such as employment information, inheritance, capital gains, etc.). Select 'Next' once all required fields are filled out to proceed:


Review and confirm the details of your transfer. By selecting 'Transfer to Holding,' you confirm these details and agree that your transfer will be governed by the Goldmoney Network Terms of Service and the Goldmoney Client Agreement respectively:


Your transfer request confirmation will display the final GAU amount and the fiat currency value, of your transfer. Your transfer will be marked as Confirmed on your Dashboard once it is complete:


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