What is Goldmoney Network?

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Goldmoney Network, or otherwise known as Personal and Business, are legacy accounts that were created prior to July 2017. These accounts pair together the ease and convenience of digital payments and online savings with the integrity and stability of gold. Our mission is to make physical gold accessible to everyone. Minimizing or removing fees everywhere possible became our purpose. 

Within a few minutes Goldmoney users can purchase and hold or sell gold from their accounts. Our user-friendly features allow users to send and receive gold payments as well as have access to traditional retail spending with the Goldmoney Prepaid Mastercard. Deposits into Goldmoney Personal & Business accounts can be made on the web platform or through our mobile app. At any time a user has the option to redeem their physical gold as 10g GoldCubesTM or other precious metals redemption items.

We aim to empower our users with easy access to gold, always.

Why Save in Gold?

At Goldmoney, we believe that cooperation under a unit of elemental-measurement promotes a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity, and aligns prosperity within the natural limits of our planet. In short, gold is the only element that has the longevity and malleability to be a lasting medium of exchange. We believe that as we advance in the digital age of global cooperation, individuals and communities increasingly require globally recognizable and reliable mediums for savings and trade. For a more in-depth at the science and anthropological circumstance around gold visit our Why Gold page
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