Redeeming Gold via PayPal

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Goldmoney Personal and Business users in the Eurozone, UK, Canada, and the USA can link their PayPal accounts for simple and secure deposits and redemptions. Funds deposited from PayPal are stored in our exclusive PayPal Vault and may only be redeemed back to your PayPal account or redeemed physically to your home address. You may not redeem to your PayPal account from any vault other than the PayPal Vault.

If you have not yet deposited to your Goldmoney Platform from PayPal, if you visit the PayPal redemption screen you will be prompted to deposit into the PayPal Vault. Click here to learn how to deposit using PayPal!

If you already have a balance in your PayPal Vault, you will be able to redeem any portion of your vault balance back to PayPal.

Once you have logged into your Goldmoney Personal or Business Platform, choose the Redeem icon at the top of your Dashboard.

Select the 'PayPal' option and click 'Next.'


Your currently linked PayPal account will be displayed. If you would like to redeem to a different PayPal account, you will need to contact support before redeeming. If you wish to redeem to the PayPal account you currently have linked, simply enter your redemption amount and click 'Process' to complete your redemption. 

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