Ownership, safety, and security of your gold

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Platform Security

The Goldmoney Personal & Business Platform uses military grade encryption (RSA 4096 and AES 256) to secure your personal information.  Goldmoney Personal & Business also maintains bank-grade Know Your Customer ("KYC") and Anti-Money-Laundering ("AML") policies. All clients are required to upload their government-issued ID and go through an on-boarding process that includes a background check and mobile phone verification. Ongoing compliance and surveillance of suspicious activity is reported to relevant regulatory agencies. We implement these policies not to preclude anyone from the service, but to strengthen the integrity of our company for all stakeholders. We believe there is a legal opportunity to empower people with access to gold within existing laws and regulations.

Safety of Your Gold

Our Corporate By-Laws require the company to secure all physical gold at LBMA or COMEX approved Vaults under fully allocated and segregated for the clients benefit. Currently, Goldmoney Personal & Business has partnered with The Brink's Company ("BRINKS") one of the most trusted names in vault security with roots tracing back to 1859, as well as the Royal Canadian Mint.

Our Corporate By-Laws also require that we maintain adequate insurance coverage on all vaulted gold for the benefit of customers. Currently, this insurance is through our vaulting partner The Brink's Company ("BRINKS").

As a publicly traded company, our quarterly audits are done by KPMG (one of the largest auditing firms in the world). You can click here to view our public regulatory filings. It is part of our mission to ensure all Goldmoney Personal & Business users feel empowered, not only by gold and what it has to offer, but by information as well. We want you to sleep soundly, assured that your gold is secure.

Allocated Gold vs. Unallocated Gold

Every metric gram, kilogram, or tonne of gold that a Goldmoney Personal & Business user has acquired through Goldmoney Personal & Business is owned and allocated to the customer. Goldmoney Personal & Business terms state that all customer assets are held by Goldmoney Personal & Business as bailee for the benefit of customers.  Goldmoney Personal & Business never deals in unallocated gold (a system used by banks or other organizations to provide the purchaser with notional gold).


A "bailment" occurs when a person (the "bailor") delivers personal property into the possession of another person (the "bailee") for safekeeping but retains legal title to the property. The bailee (the person who has possession of the goods) holds possession of the property on the understanding that the property will be returned to the bailor (you) once the bailment relationship is terminated according to the bailor's (your) instructions.

In the case of your Goldmoney Personal & Business Platform, the gold in your Platform is held by Goldmoney Personal & Business as bailee, which means that you retain legal title to your gold but that you have asked Goldmoney Personal & Business to maintain possession of your gold on your behalf until such time as you sell your gold.

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