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As a Goldmoney Personal & Business user, you already know about the long term benefits of owning gold and its utility as a tool for wealth preservation. We want to help you share this knowledge with those you care about!

You can send the #GiftOfGold to a friend for their birthday, anniversary, or just to show them that you care! If you send the #GiftOfGold to a friend who has not yet signed up for a Goldmoney Personal or Business account, they will have 72 hours to accept the gift by signing up for an account. If they do not sign up within that time, the gift will simply revert back into your Goldmoneyaccount. 

Please note that the Gift of Gold feature is not available in some US states. Please click here for a complete list of states where Gift of Gold is available. 

To send the #GiftOfGold, log in to your Goldmoney Personal or Business account and click on the gift icon at the top of your dashboard, next to your notifications icon.

Select the yellow "Send Your Gift Now" button to send your gift! If you would not like to send a gift, click "No Thanks, Maybe Later."



Select the vault you would like to send your gift from by using the left and right arrow buttons, and entering the amount you would like to send. The currency displayed will be the currency you have selected at the top of your Dashboard. The gram amount of the gift will be displayed. Click the yellow button to proceed.


Enter the email address or mobile phone number of the recipient of the gift, their name, and a nice greeting from you to them! Click "Send Gift" to send the #GiftOfGold!


A confirmation screen will display a summary of your #GiftOfGold. You can choose to send another gift to a loved one, or click "No Thanks, I'm Done For Now" to finish.

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