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Sending gold to your friends or family with your Goldmoney Personal or Business account couldn't be easier! When you send a payment on Goldmoney, you are transferring the ownership of your gold to the recipient. Setting up a recurring transfer allows you to send gold to a friend or family member on a scheduled basis. Gold is free to send, and you can say goodbye to cross border fees!

NOTE: The send payment function is currently not available to US citizens outside of the states of California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas. US users in these states may not send gold transfers to Cuba, and Cuban users may not send transfers to US users. US users must have a Personal Verified Account to be able to send or receive transfers. 

To get started, select the "Send Gold" icon from the navigation bar at the top of your Dashboard.

At the top of the Send Gold tool, you will notice a second tab labelled "Recurring Transfer." Select this option to display the transfer scheduling options. Select the vault you wish to have your transfer to be deducted from by using the left and right arrows. Select the currency and the amount of the transfer. Indicate how frequently you would like to send this amount to the recipient. Click on the yellow arrow to continue. 

Select the recipient of your transfer. You can choose from recent transfer recipients, enter the email address or mobile phone number of the recipient, or select one of your Goldmoney Contacts from the drop-down list. If you wish, you can enter a short message for the recipient. Select "Send Gold" once you have checked that you have correctly entered this information. 

You will receive a confirmation email and notification. The transaction status can been seen on your Overview page and Transactions page.

If your contact has an active Goldmoney Personal or Business account associated to the email or mobile number you have entered, they will see the gold payment in their account almost instantly.

If your contact has not registered with Goldmoney, they will receive an email or SMS inviting them to register. They have 72 hours to complete the registration process. If they do not complete this within 72 hours your gold will be returned to your account. Please note that if the person you have sent gold to is unregistered and from the US, your transfer to them will revert back to your account even if they register within the 72 hour window. Once they have upgraded to a Personal Verified Account, they are eligible to receive transfers. If you are a US-based user, you may not send gold to a person who has not yet registered and verified their account, and you may only receive transfers from other verified users.

If you wish to edit or remove a Recurring Transfer, select the "More" icon from the navigation bar and choose 'Recurring Transfers" from the side menu.

To edit the transfer schedule, click on the blue edit icon next to the transfer summary. To remove the recurring transfer, select the red X.
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