Loading your Goldmoney Prepaid card with a Maximizer Loan

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Goldmoney Personal & Business users may load their Goldmoney Prepaid Card using funds borrowed against their existing settled gold balance using a Goldmoney Maximizer loan. Before proceeding with using the Goldmoney Maximizer service, please click here to learn more about Maximizer, including interest rates, and limits. 

Once you have a settled gold balance in your Toronto vault and you have verified your Platform by uploading ID, a new button will appear on your Vault Overview. If you would like to initiate a Maximizer loan, select the 'Borrow' button next to the Toronto vault. If you are using a mobile device, select 'Vault Actions' to choose the Borrow tool.

You will be asked to read and indicate your acceptance of the Terms of Use for Goldmoney Maximizer by typing the phrase "I accept" into the provided field. A copy of the Terms will be emailed to you following your confirmation. 

If you wish to load your Goldmoney Prepaid with your Maximizer loan, select the 'Goldmoney Mastercard' option under 'Loan Type.' If you wish to make a gold purchase with your Maximizer loan, select 'Gold Deposit' and click here for more information. 

Goldmoney Prepaid card loans are available in all of our currencies - USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF. Please note that the standard 0.5% transaction fee will apply for your card load. You may only borrow up to 85% of the total value of your Toronto vault - a helpful percentage tool is provided below the amount field for you to check that your amount is below the maximum. Standard card limits will also apply, making the maximum card load 5000 units of your card currency. 

When you return to your Dashboard, you will see your card load appear as 'Pending' in your Recent Transactions, and will update to 'Confirmed' status once the funds are added to your card. You will also see a new Maximizer Loans table displayed on your Dashboard. This will allow you to easily review the rate of interest, how close you are to the loan limit, and track your current amount owing. 

You can click the 'More' icon (the three dots) beside your loan to see an overview of your loan information, make a payment towards paying off your principal amount from your Toronto vault, or review your payment history. Please note that the standard 0.5% transaction fee will apply for each repayment. Once you have paid your principal amount off in full, any interest accrued will be automatically deducted from your Toronto vault balance and your loan will be closed out.

To make a partial payment towards your principal loan amount, select the 'Make a partial loan payment?' toggle switch and enter the amount of your partial payment. 

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