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You can easily monitor your card transaction history from your Goldmoney Mastercard Dashboard! Once you are on your Card Dashboard, you will see your Recent Transactions listed underneath your card list. Your successful purchases, card loads, and any applicable fees that occurred within the last month will be displayed here. Transactions may take up to 5 business days to appear in your transaction list depending on the merchant you purchased from, but you should notice the amount of the purchase deducted from your card balance. The "Fin" prefix for each transaction indicates that the transaction has been Finalized. 

Credits to your card, such as card loads or purchase refunds, are indicated in green. Debits, or deductions made from your card to fulfill purchases or fees, are indicated in red. If you have more than one card, each card has its own tab in this table to show recent transactions. To view more transactions, select "Detailed card transaction history" above your recent transactions.

If you have more than one card, you can navigate between your cards by selecting the tab with the name of the card you wish to review. You may notice that there are some handy sorting tools located about your transaction history.

You can view each month's transactions by selecting the month and year you would like to review. You may also download a CSV of your transactions by selecting the download option in the top right corner. Looking for a transaction for a certain amount, or fro ma certain merchant? Use the search tool to search your transactions for relevant matches.

As noted above, your "Fin" or completed transactions are noted here in your transaction summary. When you are making a purchase with your card, a merchant performs two separate transaction calls to the card provider. The first, called a card pre-authorization (or simply "Auth"), does not debit funds from the card, but puts a temporary "hold" on the the funds that lasts for 10 business days. The merchant then has these 10 business days to capture or Finalize the transaction and debit the funds that had been held.

The "Auth" transaction item does not appear in your transaction history. Occasionally, a merchant will perform the Auth transaction call, and subsequently decline your transaction at the point of sale. This will place the funds on hold for 10 business days, during which time these funds cannot be spent - this occurrence is referred to as a Hanging Authorization. Unfortunately we cannot override this hold period without proof of decline (see below). Once the 10 business days have passed, the held funds will be returned to your card balance for spending as the secondary transaction call to complete the transaction will not be sent if your transaction was declined. 

If your point of service or ATM transaction is declined for any reason, you should always keep your receipt indicating this decline in case verification is required. 

Note that some services may ask you to verify your card by sending you a short code in a transaction description. This code is sent as part of an Auth transaction. This means that you will not be able to see and verify this code from your transaction list. If you are attempting to verify your card for use in a particular service, please contact support to have your team check the transaction description for you. 
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