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Funding your Goldmoney Holding is a simple, straightforward process. Funds can be added via the following method:


Frequently Asked Questions


1) Where can I find the 'Add Funds' function?

- You will find it in the side menu under Manage Funds


2) How long does it take for my funds to arrive?

- Please refer to the link above for details. 


3) Will I be subject to a hold on my funds?

- Please refer to the link above for details.


4) Can I fund in any of the nine currencies you support?

- Yes, providing your deposit method matches the currency you are funding with. 


5) Can I fund my Holding by visiting an RBC branch and depositing directly into Goldmoney's account?

- No, RBC will not allow in-person transactions. Funding must be done through the Holding.


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