What is a Goldmoney Prepaid card?

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The Goldmoney Prepaid card is available in several currencies. You may sell metals to currency within your Holding to load a prepaid card and use it anywhere a credit card is accepted.


What types of Prepaid cards are available to Goldmoney clients? 


Goldmoney Prepaid cards can be requested in 18K gold, silver, and plastic. 18K gold and silver cards are meticulously handcrafted in Switzerland by distinguished artisans who use proprietary techniques to maximize the metal content.


Where can I use a Goldmoney Prepaid card?


You can use a loaded Goldmoney Prepaid card in-store, online, and over the phone wherever credit card is accepted. Please note that metal cards cannot be used to withdraw in local currency at ATMs. 



What credit limits apply to Goldmoney Prepaid cards?


Goldmoney Prepaid cards are prepaid, meaning there are no credit or loan facilities. You can only spend funds you load onto your card from your Goldmoney Holding.

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