Lost or Stolen Cards

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What happens if someone gets possession of my card?

Should someone get possession of your card who knows your PIN, they would only have access to your preloaded balance, up to the daily limit. We recommend keeping your card in a safe place and not sharing your PIN.

How do I report my card lost or stolen?

If you have lost your card or believe it has been stolen, please log into your account at  icwd.cardportal.com as soon as you can and manually block your card by clicking the Lost Card button located under the My Account tab or use the link here to request detailed instructions.

Please have your Security Account Number (SAN) or card number on hand. Your SAN number can be found on the back of your prepaid card.  Please note that this is not your card number; it’s a nine-digit number associated with your account that identifies your card without revealing sensitive information.

To request a replacement card, please  submit a form on our Contact Us page found at the top of this page and bottom of the article. 

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