Sell cryptocurrencies with Goldmoney

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The Goldmoney Holding allows users to sell any amount of cryptocurrency at the current Goldmoney price. Please note that once you sell your cryptocurrency, you will receive the sale proceeds in the form of fiat currency (USD, EUR or etc) within your Holding. We do not allow withdrawals from Holdings in the form of cryptocurrencies.


To initiate a sell order of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies from your Goldmoney Holding, follow these steps:


1) Once you have logged into your Holding, go to the Holding overview menu.




2) Click on 'Sell Cryptocurrencies' under 'Cryptocurrencies'.




3) Select the cryptocurrency you wish to sell (in part or full). For demonstration purposes, we will sell Bitcoin.




4) Select the destination for the proceeds from your sale, your preferred currency and the amount you would like to sell in currency terms or number of Bitcoins.




5)  Review your order and accept the terms, click 'Place Order'.




6) Congratulations! You have successfully sold Bitcoin!



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