Goldmoney Referral Program

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To enroll in the Goldmoney Referral Program, your Holding must be fully verified in order to request a personalized referral code. If you do not already have a Goldmoney Holding, you can apply for one here.


The referral program enables current clients to share the Goldmoney experience by requesting a unique referral link to invite others to join Goldmoney. If someone uses your referral code, registers and transfers funds to their holding to purchase precious metals, you will earn referral bonuses of 25% of the net sales margin on all purchases made by your referral for two years. 


To request your Referral Link, follow these steps:


1) Log into your Holding, view and select from your overview menu. Under 'More' select 'Referral Program'


3) Fill out the referral program request form for review. We will notify you of the status of your referral code request via Holding messages. Once approved, you may begin inviting others to apply for a Holding via your unique referral code or link generator.






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