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The Goldmoney Holding allows clients to purchase any amount of cryptocurrency at the current Goldmoney price. The Holding currently offers exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Only clients with fully verified Holdings can purchase cryptocurrencies. If your account is not fully verified, click here for more information.


*Please note that Goldmoney clients residing in China are not able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


To initiate a buy order of crypto from your Holding, follow these steps:


1) Once you have signed into your holding, view and select from your overview menu.




2) Select 'Buy Cryptocurrencies' under 'Cryptocurrencies'.




3) Select the cryptocurrency you wish to buy (in part or full) and the fiat currency you wish to use to fund your purchase. For demonstration purposes we will buy Bitcoin.




4) Review your order and accept the terms.




5)  Congratulations! You have successfully purchased cryptocurrency!  



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