Fund Goldmoney Holding with Cryptocurrencies

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*Please note that funds added via this method may only be withdrawn from your Holding once they have been used to purchase either precious metal or cryptocurrency. 


1) Once you have signed into your Holding, view and select from your overview menu




2) Select 'Add Funds' found under 'Manage Funds'.




3) Select 'Cryptocurrencies' as your funding method.




4) Select the cryptocurrency and the corresponding amount you wish to add to your Holding. In addition, outline your refund address, in the unlikely case the transaction does not go through.




5) Send your cryptocurrencies to the wallet address generated on your dashboard. Deposits in cryptocurrencies may take a few minutes to be confirmed. Please note that the deposit address may only be used once and should not be used for multiple deposits.




Please note: Due to market volatility, Goldmoney has placed the following limitations in place:

Funding via Bitcoin - Unlimited

Funding via all other digital tokens is limited to $5,000 USD per transaction

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