Vault-to-Vault Precious Metal Transfer

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Please be advised that this service is not available for residents of the Canadian Province of Quebec. 

You may make vault-to-vault precious metal transfers via the exchange metals feature in the Goldmoney Holding dashboard for a 0.75% fee and vault-to-vault silver transfers for a 1.25% fee. 



1) Once you have signed into your Holding, view and select from your overview menu. Select 'Metal to Metal' transfer under 'Precious Metals'




3) Select the metal and the vault location you wish to transfer from. For demonstration purposes we will transfer gold from Loomis in the UK.




4) Outline the amount you would like to transfer and the vault you would like to transfer to. For demonstration purposes we will transfer $100 worth of gold from Loomis UK to G4S in Hong Kong. 



5) Review the exchange and accept the terms and conditions. 






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