Send payments to other Goldmoney Holdings

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Verified Holding owners may make nearly instantaneous transfers of metal from their Holding balances to another Holding client.  


Clients may create a Payment Alias from within their Holding Preferences.


Please note that payments may not be sent to Basic (unverified) Holdings, and residents of the U.S. State of Vermont as well as certain countries that are currently unable to send or receive payments.



1) Once you have signed into your Holding, view and select from your overview menu.




2) Navigate to the sidebar menu, and under 'Payments” select 'Send Payments'



3) Select your payment type (Metal). For demonstration purposes, we will send gold.




4) Use the calculator to determine the amount of gold you wish to send as a payment or directly enter the weight as illustrated below. Proceed by inputting the recipient's Holding number or payment alias.









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