Using Goldmoney Prepaid cards at an ATM to withdraw cash

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You can withdraw cash at ATMs as you would with any other debit card. Please note the minimum withdrawal amount of USD/GBP/EUR 20.00. Requesting to withdraw smaller amounts will result in failed transactions. 

Swipe or insert the card at a point of sale, enter your card details when making purchases online, or take withdraw cash at an ATM bearing the Maestro, or Cirrus logo using your Goldmoney Prepaid Card and PIN and by clicking on 'Credit Card'.  

Make sure that when you are using an ATM that is not denominated in the currency of your card to be mindful of adhering to the card fees and limits in your card's currency. For example, if you are using a USD card to withdraw CAD from an ATM, attempting to withdraw $20 CAD will not process because the minimum ATM withdrawal amount for the USD card is $20 USD. Since these currencies are not equal in value, you would need to withdraw more CAD to meet the minimum withdrawal requirement. 
Refunds on the Goldmoney Prepaid Card are the same as any other refund on a major credit card.  Please allow for 3-5 business days for the funds to return to your card once the refund has been issued by the merchant.

Note that some merchants may not accept prepaid cards due to the inability to force a debit upon prepaid cards if there are no funds loaded to them. Transaction issues may occur when attempting to use the card at an outdoor gas pump, using the card for a hotel deposit, or applying a tip to a purchase.


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