Migrate from a Goldmoney Personal account to a Goldmoney Holding

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Is this article for you? This article is for our Goldmoney Personal accounts that use an email address to log in. If you log in using a Holding number in the format ##-##-##-X, please view those articles here.

The Goldmoney Holding gives you all the benefits of holding precious metals with the freedom to make transfers and metals purchases globally. Unlike Goldmoney Personal accounts, the Goldmoney Holding allows you to hold nine currencies as well as buy and sell silver, platinum and palladium in addition to gold.

Goldmoney Personal clients can redeem their gold balances to their new Goldmoney Holding for free.

If you have a Goldmoney Holding

If you don't have a Goldmoney Holding

If you have not yet applied for a Goldmoney Holding, click here to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens to my gold? Is it physically moving to a different place?

No. We are not removing your gold from one vault and depositing it in another. Your gold remains in the same vault, but is recorded on our new ledger. Once you transfer your gold balance from your Personal account to your Holding, you'll simply have a different login to access your gold along with more features for trading and holding precious metals. Your ownership of your gold is still the same, and you are still able to buy, store, spend and send metal the same way you can with your Goldmoney Personal account. We require you to apply for a Holding so you can unlock access to the new benefits, features, and added security of the Holding platform provides. 

2. Is it free to transfer my gold to a Holding?

Yes! We want all our clients to have access to the best possible platform we provide. We encourage you to open a Goldmoney Holding and migrate your Personal account balance over to it at no cost to you.

3. Why am I required to resubmit so much personal information? I'm already a Goldmoney Personal user...

During the process of opening your Goldmoney Holding it may be necessary to re-verify some aspects of the KYC information that we already hold on file.

4. What will happen to my Personal account? I am worried I will be forced to transfer everything to the new Holding one day.

Goldmoney Personal accounts will remain open and functional for the foreseeable future. Though you can no longer purchase metal, you can sell your metal back to Goldmoney, sending the proceeds through bank wire.

5. Why do I have to switch to a Holding? Was Goldmoney acquired by another company?

No, Goldmoney was not acquired. Goldmoney has always had a business unit formally known as Goldmoney Wealth. We noticed that many of our Goldmoney Personal users were asking for more features and benefits that we already had in place for Goldmoney Wealth clients.

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