Funding Errors

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Below are some common errors a client may encounter while trying to fund their Holding


Error Message What it means
Awaiting Receipt A funding transfer has been initiated but not yet received in the Holding (contact RM w/ questions about delays)
Cancelled A funding transfer failed (contact RM for explanation - many possible reasons)
To be completed on [DATE] 

The expected completion date of a fund transfer (contact RM if delayed) 

The minimum amount you can transfer is __________ Ex: [BTC] [0.002]

The amount of crypto entered is less than the minimum for adding funds to your Holding via Cryptocurrency

Please note that funds added via this method may only be withdrawn from your Holding once they have been used to purchase either metal or cryptocurrency.

In many cases, Goldmoney is unable to facilitate the direct withdrawal of funds that have been deposited unless those funds have been used in a transaction.

Please note that if sending from an exchange, network delays can result in your deposit timing out and failing. For best results, please send from your private wallet.

In many cases, cryptocurrency deposits can time out if sent directly from an exchange. The most reliable way to ensure your deposit of cryptocurrency is successful is to send it from a private wallet. 

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