Funding Using Physical Gold or Silver

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Funding your Goldmoney Holding using your privately-held physical metal couldn't be easier. We are proud to partner with SchiffGold to facilitate the process - whether you have coins, unregistered bars, registered bullion or even everyday products crafted out of precious metals, you can easily and economically have the value of your precious metal transferred into your Holding.


How it works:


First you will need your Goldmoney Holding to be fully verified. If you are unsure of your verification status, please contact our Relationship Management team who will be happy to advise you.


SchiffGold has 5 drop-off locations (vaults) in North America. You are responsible for transporting your metal to the drop-off location - you may send it via secure courier or deliver it personally by setting an appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time. SchiffGold will build an offer for you that shows the value of the metal and the fees involved in the process. Upon acceptance of the offer, the metal balance is transferred into your Goldmoney Holding. The transfer process takes just 1 business day.


Why do I have to sell my metal?


Funding your Goldmoney Holding with precious metals is only possible through the sale and re-purchase of metal. We are unable to vault your privately-held metal. Goldmoney deals exclusively in LBMA-standard product, which is the premier standard of quality and fineness in the world. Without evidence of LBMA registration, we are unable to store the metal you send to us as part of your Goldmoney-vaulted Holding.


The Process:




Drop-off locations for physical metal:


New York






For more information:


Speak with a Goldmoney Relationship Manager by calling 1-855-593-2895


Speak with a SchiffGold Precious Metals Specialist by calling 1-888-465-3160


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