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Please be advised that Active Trader is currently in BETA and there are temporary restrictions on metals and the vaults available for use. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Active Trader?

Goldmoney's Active Trader platform allows you to place limit orders when buying and selling precious metals. This allows you to place orders in advance and lock in prices based on the movement of the market. This article will show you how to make use of the platform in more detail.


2. How do I access Active Trader?

You'll see the Active Trader option located below your Holding management options (via your name in the top right corner of your Holding overview); clicking this will open Active Trader:


3. What can I do in Active Trader?

Once in Active Trader, you'll see a chart containing our real-time metal prices. This gives you a more detailed and up to date analysis of the precious metals market. This allows you to observe trends, compare results, take snapshots, save your reports, and place both market and limit orders.


4. How do I place a Limit Order?

To place a limit order:

1. Select either Buy or Sell

2. Select Limit from the Order Entry section.,

3. Choose the vault and metal for your order:


4. Input the price you want your order to settle and the duration of your order (at present, we offer 24 hours and 30 day durations).

5. Click Buy/Sell to complete your order:


5. Will you have more vaults and metals available? 

Yes. Goldmoney Active Trader is presently in BETA form, and we are adding new features, vaults and metals to the platform as we fine tune it.

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