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Please note that you are only able to fund your Holding via Bank Wire. All other methods are currently unavailable.

Clients looking to fund with their credit card may do so using the 'Credit Card' options from the 'Add Funds' section of their Holding. The below steps explain the process in more detail.

Please be advised that funds added via credit card are subject to a 14 calendar day hold. Furthermore, certain card providers do not allow bullion purchases. Please check with your provider to see if this restriction applies. 


1. Select 'Add Funds' from your Holding dropdown menu. 



2. Select 'Credit Card' from the table of options. Select the currency and amount you wish to fund with. Please ensure the currency matches with the card otherwise you may be charged a conversion fee. 


3. You will now add the details of your credit card. Select an already added credit card or input the name as it appears on the card, followed by the date of expiration and the three digit security code on the back of the card. 


5. A pop up window will appear from the card provider to verify the transaction. Once completed your card will be charged and the funds should land in your Holding no later than the end of the business day. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. I have funded with credit card but I am unable to withdraw. Why is this? 

- This can be due to any of the three reasons:

1) The funds have not passed the lock period (14 calendar days for credit card).

2) No metal has been bought and sold with the credit card funds.

3) Your Holding has yet to be verified.


2. Is there a fee to fund with credit card?

-Yes, there is a 3% convenience fee to fund with credit card. 


3. How many credit cards can I add and how do I remove once added?

- Please see the attached article here.


4. What currencies do you support and could I be charged additional fees?

- Please see the attached article here

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