Bitcoin Withdrawal

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Please follow the instructions below to initiate the process to take delivery of your Bitcoin that you have purchased through your Goldmoney Holding.

Open a Private Wallet

Goldmoney does not endorse any particular wallet or service. For demonstration purposes, we will use the Coinomi Wallet mobile app to generate the needed Bitcoin signatures and withdrawal.

In order to take delivery of yourBitcoin, you will need to generate a valid signature, proving that you control the private keys of the receiving wallet.

Download Coinomi Wallet

Depending on your device, please download the Coinomi wallet:

Withdrawal Instructions

Generating your Wallet Signature 

1) Download the Coinomi mobile application and create anBitcoin wallet - please note, the "wallet signature" feature is only available on Coinomi’s mobile application at this time.

Important: Take note of your wallet recovery phrase and keep it in a safe place. If you lose your recovery phrase, your wallet CANNOT be recovered.

2) Open the Coinomi mobile application and select the Bitcoin Wallet in your dashboard:


3) Select the "Receive" tab to access your Bitcoin address:


4) Copy the wallet address into your clipboard - you will be required to use this in the next steps:




5) Once your wallet address is copied, click the "Balance" tab:


6) On the "Balance" page open the options menu by selecting the 3 dotted lines in the top right corner of the screen: 


7) Click "Sign/Verify Message":


8) Paste your wallet address in the "Signing address: field: (the address you just copied) 


9) Enter your own Holding number in the "Message" field in the following format "XX-XX-XX-X":


10)  Once you have entered your wallet address and Holding number, click "Sign" in order to generate a wallet signature:


11) Once you have generated your "Wallet Signature", we advise you to take note of it and copy your "Signing Address" and "Signature" and email them to yourself (highlighted in green) - you will be required to use both in the next steps:


12) Sign into your Holding and open the menu by clicking the three white lines in the top left corner of the screen:

13) Scroll down to the "Cryptocurrencies" section and click "Withdraw Cryptocurrencies":

14) Click the "Initiate Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Request" button:


15) Review the information and click "Begin Withdrawal Process" to initiate the cryptocurrency withdrawal:

 16) Select Bitcoin, (refer to the information you just emailed yourself) and paste your wallet address in the "Withdrawal Address" field. Paste the "Wallet Signature" that you generated previously in the "Signature" field. Check the box and click "Next Step" to proceed with the withdrawal. Please review your wallet address after entry to ensure accuracy - addresses can be quite complex, and Goldmoney will be unable to reverse a transaction once it is complete:


17) Here, you will be asked for a PIN number for additional security. This is sent either to the email you have on file with Goldmoney or your mobile phone, depending on the preferences you have set up. Enter the PIN number and review your wallet address to make sure everything is correct.  Once everything looks OK, accept the terms and click “Confirm withdrawal request” to initiate the withdrawal:


18) You have successfully initiated your Cryptocurrency withdrawal. Once your request has been approved, a confirmation will be sent to your registered email address:

Frequently Asked Questions

I've received a red error message. What does this mean?

If you get an error message like the one below, please review your "Wallet Address", "Holding Number" and "Signature" and retry:

How long will the withdrawal process take to complete?

The withdrawal can take up to 5 business days to complete. 

How important is private wallet address accuracy?

Very important. Goldmoney is unable to reverse a transaction once completed so please review and ensure accuracy

Why does my Coinomi mobile application look different from the articles?

The Coinomi steps illustrated in this article were recorded on an iPhone (iOS). Both the iOS and Android Coinomi mobile application work exactly like each except for some minor differences in their interface.

Can I use a different private wallet?

You can use a different private wallet as long as it offers the "Sign a message" feature.

How do I add a Bitcoin wallet on Coinomi?

The three lined icon on the left hand side of your wallet dashboard will bring up the options to create/add a Bitcoin wallet. If you have a Bitcoin balance in your Holding you will need both wallets to complete the transfer:







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