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Please note that you are only able to fund your Holding via Bank Wire. All other methods are currently unavailable.

The Goldmoney Holding supports the adding of funds through PayPal. Below is a detailed step by step and FAQ to help you through the process.

Please be advised that funds added by PayPal are subject to a seven calendar day hold.

Adding Funds

1. Log into your Holding, and select Add Funds from the Manage Funds section of our menu:


2. Select PayPal as your funding method:


3. Select the currency and the amount you wish to transfer from PayPal to Goldmoney. Please note you must agree to the holding period terms before initiating the funds transfer. When happy with the details, press PayPal Checkout:


4. A secure window will then open asking you to input your PayPal account credentials. PayPal will verify the information and the funds transfer will be processed.

Frequently Asked Questions


What currencies can I transfer to my Holding from PayPal?

You are able to fund your Holding with any of the nine national currencies supported on the platform. 

Is there a fee to fund with PayPal?

Yes, Goldmoney charges a 3% processing fee. 

How long does it take to process my PayPal deposit?

Funding via PayPal is typically instant, but there are occasions where is can take up to 5 business days to process.

I have funded with PayPal but I am unable to withdraw. Why is this? 

This can be due to any of the three reasons:

  1. The funds have not passed the holding period (seven calendar days);
  2. No metal has been bought and sold with the PayPal funds;
  3. Your Holding has yet to be verified.

The PayPal checkout window does not appear, why?

We recommend disabling your browsers pop up blocker as this can cause this issue to appear.

My funds are still pending after five days. What should I do? 

We recommend contacting PayPal directly to determine the cause.


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