Goldmoney X Menē: Take 10% off your Menē order

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For a limited time, Goldmoney is collaborating with Menē to offer our loyal customers an exclusive benefit.

Take 10% off your Menē order and experience Investment Jewelry and gold ownership in a special way. This offer is valid until October 15, 23:59 EST and excludes the Menē x collection.

How do I get my code?

  1. Sign up for/Log in to your Menē Account. Click the Account icon in the upper right corner. On your phone, open the menu and tap “My Account”.


  1. Navigate to “Goldmoney” in the Menē Dashboard. Find Goldmoney in the sidebar menu. On your phone, tap “My Collection” to open the menu.


  1. Follow the steps to verify your Goldmoney Holding.


  1. Success! Click the code to copy it, or find it again in the Credits section of your Dashboard or by clicking Goldmoney.


Create a Menē account:

Log into your Menē account:

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