Adding a bank account

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Is this article for you? This article is for our Goldmoney Personal accounts that use an email address to log in. If you log in using a Holding number in the format ##-##-##-X, please view those articles here.
Please note that you are no longer able to add funds or buy gold in your Goldmoney Personal accounts.


To add your bank account, log into your Goldmoney Personal account and select the navigation menu icon:


Next, select 'Bank Accounts' from the Navigation menu:


Next, select 'Manual Bank Wire Transfer - All Other Bank Accounts' and then click the 'Next Step' button:


Next, select the country your bank is located in, the currency your bank account is denominated in, and the name of your bank and click 'Continue':


Next, enter the bank wire instructions and click 'Add Bank Account'. If you are updating your banking information after being prompted during a redemption, the button will say 'Upgrade Bank Account':


Please note that errors in the information above can result in your redemptions being returned to us resulting in significant delays.

If you have any additional questions please contact our Support team

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