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Please note that Goldmoney will not redeem funds/gold to third party bank accounts. Instructions received to do so will result in the wire being cancelled and may result in a temporary account suspension.

Goldmoney Personal & Business users may redeem funds from their Goldmoney account at any time, up to the value of their account balance. Redemption times are dependent upon the method and the time of day the withdrawal is initiated. Redemptions can be initiated through bank wire and through the Goldmoney Prepaid Card.

Instructions to redeem will result in the sale of gold equivalent at the Goldmoney Personal & Business Network pricing less 0.5%, with the proceeds being processed on a best efforts basis before 2pm same business day or before 2pm the following business day.

A limit of one redemption request is permitted at a time, duplicate redemption requests will be rejected. Please wait until your request is approved before submitting another one.

Method Supported Currencies Processing Times Associated Fees Notes
Bank Wire Transfer CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD Up to 5 business days for international wire transfers. 0.5% + 0.75 GAU. Your bank may charge a service fee for receiving the wire. Intermediary banks may also deduct fees from the amount. Bank wire redemptions can only be sent to a bank account under the same name as the Goldmoney account holder. 1 GAU (plus 0.5 GAU fee) minimum redemption. Redemptions denominated in a currency other than those listed will be converted by the receiving bank.
Goldmoney Holding Gold Up to 5 business days to review and approve the transfer. Free. The destination Holding must be verified.
Goldmoney Prepaid Card USD, EUR, GBP, CHF 1 business day 0.5% Card loads cannot be reversed once initiated. Your card will be loaded with the currency in which it is denominated. The value of the funds on your card will not change in relation to the price of gold.

 Your redemption may be paused if further verification is needed. If our team needs to confirm any information with you, you will be informed via e-mail.

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