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Is this article for you? This article is for our Goldmoney Personal accounts that use an email address to log in. If you log in using a Holding number in the format ##-##-##-X, please view those articles here.

The price for any Goldmoney Personal account redemption of gold comes from the Goldmoney pricing engine and is based on the Best Bid or Offer (BBO) in each respective vault location. This ensures you get the most accurate price available. Goldmoney collects and distributes real-time gold prices from bullion counterparties quoting bids and offers for the purchase or sale of physical gold bullion at each respective vaulting location where Goldmoney maintains a Vault.

Gold Pricing

Every gold transaction in your Goldmoney Personal account is executed at the BBO plus an additional transaction fee that is determined by the method you have chosen to deposit with. Users may compare deposit methods to find the transfer option that provides them with he best value. Goldmoney provides a price guarantee for any transactions executed from Sunday from 6:30 PM EST to Friday at 5:00 PM EST. Given that gold trades on a 24/5 schedule, Goldmoney can only provide a price guarantee during those days. For transactions occurring from Friday at 5:01 PM EST to Sunday at 6:29 PM, the Goldmoney prices will reflect the internal liquidity provided by the Goldmoney market making operations.

In your Goldmoney Personal account, gold is measured in metric grams or "GAU" rather than the troy ounce. Instead of quoting the Bid or Ask price we display the Average BBO (Best Bid or Offer). This is not the price you will purchase or sell gold at, instead it is the equilibrium price of gold at that moment.

Here is an example of the way your price per gram is structured in relation to the live average BBO price provided at the top of your Dashboard:


Please note this image is not to scale, and is intended for demonstrative purposes only.

Pricing Definitions

  • Best Bid: The bid is the current highest offer someone is willing to pay at that moment with all known and unknown variables considered. This is the price at which you sell your gold.
  • Best Offer/Best Ask: The ask is the current lowest offer someone is willing to accept at that moment with all known and unknown variables considered. This is the price at which you purchase your gold.
  • Average BBO: Average of the Best Bid and Best Offer, the mid point of the spread.
  • Spot Price: Another term for the Best Offer.
  • Spread: The difference between the Best Bid and Best Offer.

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