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The Goldmoney Holding allows clients to purchase gold, silver, palladium or platinum at the current Goldmoney buy price. The video below will describe the process in more detail:


Frequently Asked Questions  

1) How long will it take for my buy order to be processed?

- Buy orders are processed within 24-48 hours. Providing you confirmed your order within the time limit, the price will be locked in.


2) What currencies can I use to buy metals?

- You can use any of the nine global currencies available on the Holding. Please be advised you must have a currency balance in your Holding before you can place the order.


3) Why must I fund my Holding first?

-By Funding the Holding prior to placing a buy order, we are able to lock in the price using your available currency balance.


4) Why is the Buy Metals option is greyed out?

- This can be caused by one of 2 reasons:

1. You must complete partial verification.

2. You do not have a cash balance in your Holding.











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