Limits for buying and selling precious metals at a confirmed purchase rate

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Depending on the size of an order, orders are either based on the Goldmoney Price or the Goldmoney Fixed Price.  Orders within the following size limits will be based on the Goldmoney Price if markets permit.  We reserve the right to change at our sole discretion the price limits outlined below:

  Buy Sell
Business Hours 500gg 200gg
Overnight/Weekend/Holidays 500gg 200gg
Business Hours 1,000oz 200oz
Overnight/Weekend/Holidays 1,000oz 200oz
Business Hours 500pg 200pg
Overnight/Weekend/Holidays 500pg 200pg
Business Hours 500pd 200pd
Overnight/Weekend/Holidays 500pd 200pd


Orders exceeding the above limits will be based on the next available Goldmoney Fixed Price.

You will be notified at the time you place your order whether your order is based on the Goldmoney Price or on the Goldmoney Fixed Price.

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