How do I change my address or contact information?

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1) Once you have signed into your Holding, view and select your Holding number on the right side of your dashboard and select 'Profile Settings'



2) The contact details page allows you to modify your address, telephone and primary email. For demonstration purposes we will modify the address. 




3) Complete the form below to send a secure message to your personal Relationship Manager regarding your address modification. A document showing your name and address is required to complete the change - attach it to the message using the upload function. The document may be any of the following:

  • Utility bill for fixed services
  • Bank statement (no credit card statements)
  • Building society statement
  • Insurance company document (no motorized vehicle policies)
  • Local rate assessment or local taxes bill
  • Personal tax assessment
  • Tenancy contract or agreement



Please allow your Relationship Manager 1-3 business days to register the change. They may reach out to you via the inbox messaging system, found at the top right of your dashboard, for more information.

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