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The contact details tab (marked as 'Overview') allows you to modify your address, telephone and primary email as well as add a secondary email. To update and add any of the following, press the blue hyperlink below the relevant title:select_modify_address.png

You will be taken to a new page and will have to complete a form (shown below. This will send a secure message to our Support team requesting an update/modification. A document showing your name and address/phone number/email is required for the update/modification. Attach it to the message using the upload function. The document may be any of the following:

  • Utility bill for fixed services
  • Bank statement (no credit card statements)
  • Building society statement
  • Insurance company document (no motorized vehicle policies)
  • Local rate assessment or local taxes bill
  • Personal tax assessment
  • Tenancy contract or agreement


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does an update/modification request take?

Please allow our Support team 1-3 business days to register the change. They may reach out to you via the inbox messaging system, found at the top right of your dashboard, for more information.


2. I do not have the necessary document to make an update/modification. What can I do?

If you lack any of the required documents listed, you can send a secure message to us and we will reply with an alternative solution. 

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